Intuitive Artist

Drawing through the energy of your guides from all time and
space into empowering information, life-shifting stories
& hand-drawn portraits and more using my clairs:



Feeling the emotions and physical symptoms of others allows me to access very strong clairsentience (clear feeling) during intuitive sessions as well as mediumship readings. I am able to feel the emotions associated with past lives, future lives, parallel lives, etc. This helps in figuring out storylines and karmic patterns.

High-Frequency Medium

Connecting with your guides, ancestors, higher self, etc. from the highest 4th dimension to the 13th, here on Earth and into the cosmos. Uncover past life connections (and karmic patterns), cosmic soul life connections and storylines and a deeper sense of connection, clarity & empowerment toward life purpose.

Work with me...
Hi! I'm Leah.
A lifetime of intuition and extensive education in academic fine art & design has unified within me, allowing for the light I am able to offer to others. I have been given the knowledge of my cosmic origins (I'm a 1st-lifer) which allows me to connect with very high vibration guides.
My astrological orientation, a sun in Capricorn and a moon in Gemini, allows me to remain grounded while using my imaginal mind to reach into all of the spirit realms.
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