The story of me is best discovered through direct interaction. My videos, my live sessions and other varied online presence (see links below) will show you my soft intensity, my heart and quirky sense of humor. If you would like an in-depth story, click here.

I spent life from ages 14-27 deep within academic fine art and design education. Pouring my heart into the arts is the way I breath on a daily basis.

Music is consumed like water everyday.

I've heard my inner guidance all my life; it has only grown stronger and stronger...

I am an artist, a woman, a wife, a daughter, a mother.

Silence is filled with all the information we need.

Nature, love, faith & awareness help us heal.

Extended biography:
Hi Awakened Ones, I'm Leah Jackson!
Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, I have lived in Philadelphia, Colorado and New Jersey. I consider myself an east coaster, no matter how dissonant the energy of the east coast often seems to be in regard to my own dynamic, cosmic energies. My life has always been dedicated to the arts. As a child I would spend hours to myself, friends with the silence, the music I listened to and the art & craft I made. I would spend hours in my grandparents long gravel driveway choosing rocks to tumble into gorgeous stones. I would draw, write, build things with clay, create jewelry with beads, weave cloth...

At the age of 14, my mother took me to a Van Gogh exhibit in Chicago and as soon as we landed back home, I began incessantly drawing portraits. This lead me to the School for the Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati where I obtained a Fine Arts degree. Shout out to Althea and Adrienne Thompson, the greatest, most inspiring art teachers of my life.  From there, I spent years in Philadelphia at Moore College, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and Philadelphia University where I obtained a B.S. in Textile Design. I spent 3 days working in the design industry in New York City...and then I quit.

The taste of that life destroyed the expansion that I felt my entire life imbued into the purity of my soul's path and purpose up to that point. I spent years after this going through very trying times, giving birth to my babies and falling away ultimately to come back around to my purpose in a way I never expected.

I had always identified my intuition, at a young age, I understood that I had a path and I knew which way to turn to remain on that path. The years of deviation after college were necessary in order for me to realize how strong my intuition really was. A near death experience at age 19 solidified the aspect of my intuition known as mediumship, when I saw 2 large light beings (most often described as Angels) save myself and my family from a devastating car accident involving 2 deer.

I have had several awakenings; my acceptance of being an Empath (both physical and emotional) and my Starseed awakening (my higher self is Pleiadian) have been the most transformative and have launched me into an understanding of myself that utilizes all of my natural and acquired abilities to help others find their path. My Capricorn sun helps me stay grounded in spite of my strong cosmic energies. Check out my guide portraits on Instagram to see how all of this comes together. As a seer into the dimensional & cosmic realms, I use all of my clairs to view the energetic body, karmic and all-life patterns. I want nothing more than to empower you to a greater understanding of your inner truths and help you find a purpose-filled life.