Legal Disclaimer / Terms of Service

By paying for a service at or through Leah Jackson's Paypal business account or by corresponding with Leah Jackson in any way, you agree to the following terms:

You are 18 years of age or older.

100% accuracy is not guaranteed. Leah Jackson believes that time and space adhere to quantum law and timelines may change at any time based on decisions made by the client; therefore no futures will ever be predicted with 100% certainty.

All guidance, information or advice given by Leah Jackson is for entertainment purposes only. Leah Jackson accepts no liability and/ or responsibility for any actions taken, emotions felt or changes that may occur in the client’s life due to this reading. The client is personally responsible for any decisions as to how they will integrate this guidance, information or advice emotionally, energetically and physically into their body and life.

Intuitive/ spirit/ psychic/ mediumship readings by Leah Jackson are not and never were intended to replace professional medical advice. Leah Jackson is not a medical doctor and any emotional or physical advice is for entertainment purposes only. The client is responsible for deciding whether or not to see a medical professional based on the information gained by Leah Jackson. Leah Jackson is not responsible for any emotional or physical symptoms discussed within a reading or any other correspondence with the client, included but not limited to: emails, messages through text or Facebook Messenger, any other form of mentorship correspondence, etc.

Copyright & Social Media

All artwork, writings and design content originated by Leah Jackson may not be duplicated, copied, distributed, archived or sold by anyone other than Leah Jackson. Artwork, writings and design content originated by Leah Jackson may be shared ONLY after written consent has been given by Leah Jackson and ONLY if due credit is given.


Mentorship correspondence will occur over email and Facebook messenger ONLY for the agreed upon time period (as distinguished by type of service and payment structure), beginning after 1) the free consultation has been conducted or 2) after payments for a service that includes mentorship (ie. High-Frequency Mediumship Service wherein a higher self comes through or a specifically chosen mentorship package.) Any additional desired mentorship must be paid for by the client as an extended and new service.

Spirit Communication

I cannot guarantee to connect with a specific guide or specific guidance requested by the client; I connect and receive the most important guidance for you at the moment of the reading as dictated by spirit for your highest good.


I cannot guarantee a portrait; consent is requested of the spirit guide at the beginning of the reading and their wishes are honored. Please note that 99% of guides do give this consent. The portrait itself is an energy map of features, it contains the raw energy signature of the guide and a map of their generalized features as they choose to be depicted. If you would like this automatic portrait to be refined into a finished drawing or painting, additional charges will apply. Requests for refined portraits will be considered; I cannot guarantee consent for these for everyone. Leah Jackson reserves the right to choose not to draw a portrait during a session at any time (this would only occur if the energy of the spirit guide registers at less than heart-frequency, which will be determined by Leah Jackson.)

Privacy Policy

No information discussed with or given to the client during readings or mentorship, will be shared with anyone but the client and Leah Jackson.

Artwork created during readings will not be shared on social media by Leah Jackson unless consent has been given by the client.

Client emails will not be shared.

Payment Policy

All services are paid for in advance and returns will not be given after a service had been performed.

Cancellations within 48 hours of scheduled reading time for most services (and within 96 hours of the High-Frequency Mediumship Service) will be accepted with a 100% refund.

Sessions cancelled due to non-emergency, within less than the time periods established above, will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee.


You have read all terms and policies and agree in full before corresponding with or booking a service with Leah Jackson. By deciding with free will to hire Leah Jackson for intuitive guidance, you indemnify Leah Jackson, her heirs, relatives and associated parties in perpetuity. Please sign below to indicate this agreement.

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